HOT YOGA 75 - our signature class open to all levels. In this class you will link your breath with each movement creating a flow that will build strength & balance and improve flexibility.


HOT YOGA 60 - time to get down to business! This class is shortened for those that need to get in and get out.

BIKE 45 - our signature ride. Get ready to sprint, climb and jump your way through this 45 minute class. 

BIKE+ABS 60 - we start off with 15 minutes of abs in the boxing room before heading into the bike room for 45 minutes of non-stop cardio!


BOX 45 - our signature class. Time to get your aggression out and have some fun! We'll be alternating between punching the bag and bringing it down to the floor for some cardio HIIT, strength training and ab work! No boxing experience necessary!


BARRE 45 - looking for a

class that works your entire body by lengthening and

toning muscles you never

knew you had? You found it. No cardio!


BARRE BOOT 45/60 - not your typical barre class - get ready to sweat! HIIT boot camp style for the first half of class then it's up to the barre!

KETTLE BARRE 45 - let's kick things up a notch! 10lb kettle bells are used to really get the heart rate up.


ARMS+ABS 45 - this class is all about two things. 45 minutes devoted to sculpting your arms and toning your abs. 

YOGA BARRE 60 - hybrid class of yoga, barre work, light weights and low impact cardio

BARRE PILATES 60 - combo class featuring work at the barre then down to the mat for some pilates